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Khloe Kares

By: Khloe Thompson

There is a problem with homelessness. And not just being homeless, but with the way everyday people treat our homeless friends! I started Khloe Kares as a way to inspire other kids to make their mark on this earth.

Issue:Information Access

Zandra Beauty

By: Zandra Cunningham

Zandra Beauty gives 10% of our profits to fund girls' education programs. Once a girl is educated she'll marry later, not be an easy victim of violence and will ultimately break the cycle of poverty, in just one generation, by educating her kids too.

Issue:Information Access

The "Essynce" of Entrepreneurship

By: starrbarrett

Age is just a blanket covering what you are capable of -- so I want to encourage people my age to pursue their dreams! If you're interested in becoming an entrepreneur, check out my project and let's design your future!