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why we're swimming for obstetric fistula

By: ChaCha Team

We're 16 years old -- our lives are just starting -- but for other young women the same age, their lives are all but over. Learn why 6 of us are swimming across the Channel to raise funds for a devastating condition called obstetric fistula.



By: Eden Full

Without available clean and renewable energy sources, there are 1.3-billion people living in extreme poverty. SunSaluter is dedicated to improving energy and water access in the developing world through the open-sourced technology.

Issue:Information Access

Rhino Press

By: Jessica Jin

I founded Rhino Press, Houston's largest interscholastic news organization with 17,000 student readers, to revolutionize the way students can use technology and have a voice. Help us grow our student network to a global news source for all youth!