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Issue:Human Rights

Keeping Queer Youth In Focus - LGBTQ

By: Rachelle Lee Smith

I am using the power of visual media to tell the intimate stories of queer youth. This not only helps them overcome their struggles with identity and misunderstanding, it also helps them receive the much needed support of their straight peers.

Issue:Animal Welfare

If palm oil is the leading cause of death, why use it?

By: Madison Vorva

Not only does palm oil increase cholesterol and contribute to heart disease, our dependence on this cooking oil is directly responsible for pushing orangutans into extinction. So why use it? Help us take action to promote rainforest-safe palm oil.


Time Is TICKing

By: Cassidy Colbert

There are a staggering 325,000 new cases of Lyme disease in the US each year with only a 50% diagnosis rate at best. It can can cause over 300 different symptoms which, if undiagnosed, can lead to nerve damage, swelling of the brain, and paralysis.