Help Megan Grassell With “#MyFirstBra”:

How To Help:

As part of our mission, we are inviting our community to share their first bra stories, like this:

Bras don’t have to be awkward, uncomfortable or embarrassing in any way.  Bras should fit well, be functional specifically for what you need, and above all else be super comfortable!  

Every package that Yellowberry sends from our online store arrives to your house like a present in the mail.  Each box is hand wrapped and tied with a yellow ribbon.  That way you know it’s a special gift, and one that helps you feel confident and empowered to walk out the door and do anything you set your mind to.  That’s what it should be like to buy your first bra!  In fact, that is what it feels like to buy anything - bra, pair of underwear, lounge, leggings - from Yellowberry.


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