Help Marley Dias With “Ensure your school library has culturally diverse books”:

How To Help:

In a survey of 2,000 schools, 90 percent of the educators believed children would become more enthusiastic readers if they had books reflecting their lives. Use the #1000BlackGirlBooks Resource Guide to your RIGHT >>> to help identify what other books your library should ideally have!

If you would like to do your own book drive to benefit your local elementary, middle school or community library, here are some of the steps you'll need to take:

  1. WHEN? Anytime is a good time to do a book drive, but you'll need to give people a date range in which they are to participate. I would suggest somewhere between 1-week and 1-month timeframe because if you give people too much time, they'll end up procrastinating, but if you give them too little time, they may not think they can get it done.  
  2. WHERE? You've got to give people a place where they can bring the books. Can the library set aside a bin? Will you be collecting it at the drop-off line? Will your local churches, temples and community centers be willing to help you take collections?
  3. HOW? How will you market your drive. Can you get friends to make posters? Will your school put this out in their newsletter? Could you get a pick-up from your local press (newspaper, radio, TV, etc.) to encourage outside participation?
  4. WHY? The "why" of what you're doing is really important and it has to be part of both your communication and impact plan.  



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