“Code Red:Help us break the taboo of menstruation!”

In the United States -- and around the world -- people need to be able to talk about their periods without shame. 

On any given day, more than 800-million women between the ages of 15-and-49 are menstruating. When workplaces and schools don't provide safe, clean and easy access for women to access menstrual supplies, it can damage graduation and employablility rates.

According to the United Nations, managing menstruation with safety and dignity is a human right, embedded within the right to human dignity, the right to equality, bodily integrity, health and well-being.

In order to break the silence, we need to help society recognize that menstruation is central to womanhood and humanity. Moreover, we need to respond with appropriate services for women who would otherwise not be able to live their lives with dignity.

What could you do at your school or in your workplace that could improve conditions for girls?

  • Is it free of embarassment (and cost-free) for girls to obtain tampons or pads in your middle or high schools?



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