Breaking World Records at 10 To Empower Youth

By: Angel More

Poverty , Activist

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Campaign: Climbing For Kids
Dates: November 1st - January 31st, 2015
Goal: $100,000 - To empower youth in poverty
UPDATE: 1/7/15 - On the night of 22nd December, Angels Dad (Hemant) needed a medical emergency helicopter rescue. The winds were unusually high this climbing season and temperatures unusually cold, his rescue being the 10th this year. After 27 hours of wating for resuce a window opened up for the helicopter to safely land and perform the evacuation. While climbing, enroute from Casa de Piedras to Plaza Argentina (4200 meters elevation), the strong winds may have contributed to an infection or HAPE (high altitude pulmonary edema), causing a severe headache, nausea, cough and weakness. Angel did very well on the climb but had to turn back to be with her dad, who is recovering rapidly. We are still raising funds to reach our goal to help empower children, thank you so much for your support!
My name is Angel More and I am climbing Mount Aconcagua in Argentina in December 2014. I hope to not only become the youngest girl to make it to the peak but raise $100K in the process! It takes 19 days to reach the 22,840 feet peak, and only 30% of climbers who attempt this climb are successful.I have already climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro(19,500) and am the youngest girl to do so. 
I want to inspire other kids to reach their dreams by raising $100,000 for youth programs. Please help me reach my goal and empower kids all over the world!

You can help by funding specific needs:

  • $25 can provide one year of social and financial literacy training for one child
  • $66 can fund one year of leadership training for one teenager
  • $153 can educate one teen leader in how to teach critical health care issues so that she can train 50 other youth on how to stay safe and healthy 
  • $382 can provides one annual scholarship for youth to continue their secondary and higher education studies
  • $685 can provide job training, placement and follow-up for one youth

Or you can sponsor a child with Children International. That costs just $28 per month to provide real and lasting change to a child in need.


The truth is, all humans are equal, just because we are human. But, just 20% of the global population keeps 75% of all money made annually. According to World Bank, "There is a widening gap between rich and poor, which means that access to good schools, healthcare, electricity, safe water (sanitation) and other critical services remains elusive for many people who live in developing economies."

Gender places extreme limits on the opportunities available for females. Women and girls don't get to share the experience of equality simply because they are human. Globally, though 66% of the world's work is preformed by women, they earn only 10% of the world's income. As a consequence women living in poverty make up 70% of the world's one billion poorest people. The United Nations has delared one of its pestigious Milineum Development Goals to: Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women. 

Everyone should have the same opportunities to follow their aspirations and to have big dreams for the future. 

When I visited Children International in Guatemala, it changed my life. I saw kids who barely had money for food and clothes, who didn’t have safe places to play or hang out with their friends. As you can imagine, it would be hard to be inspired to think that you can achieve any goal if you lacked all of those things.

But the kids that Children International serves are similar to me. They have big dreams, and they work hard to achieve them. We’re not really that much different from each other at all. It’s just that I have more resources than them. So if we can work together and help them get the resources they need, then we can all be equal, and we can all get a chance

In 2012 at the age of 10, I set the world record of becoming the youngest girl to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro standing at 19,500 feet. Since then I have participated in many athletic events such as fifty mile cycling tours, hiking the Grand Canyon, Mt. Whitney and Mt. Dana as well as setting three more world records in swimming tours of the San Francisco Bay.

All of this has been preparing me for climbing Mount Aconcagua in Argentina. In December 2014 I hope to become the youngest girl to make it to the peak! It takes 19 days to reach the 22,840ft peak and only 30% of all climbers who attempt this journey are successful. By doing this I hope to raise $100,000 for Children International's Programs and help give children greater opportunities to succeed.




Below is a list of supporting documents and different ways people can help:

PRIORITY #1: Harness Social Media

Please show your support for the Bay Area Chapter of Children International and check back regularly for more information about my upcoming endeavors!

PRIORITY #2: Break World Records Of Your Own

Are you passionate about something you could create an event for to raise money for youth and give them the opportunity for a better life?

PRIORITY #3: Gender Equality

Get the facts, help spread the word.

  • At the age of ten Angel became the youngest girl to climb Mt Kilimanjaro which stands at 19,340 ft. Angel is resident of the San Francisco Bay Area and in 2014 at the age of 11 earned three more world record titles in the sport of endurance swimming. Since her swimming debut, she has covered a distance equivalent to traveling to Alcatraz and back (1.5 mi) nine times! Angel has also completed multiple cycling tours greater than fifty miles in length. After visiting Children International's programs in Guatemala she experienced firsthand the lives of children just like her, but living in poverty. Inspired to gift them access to resources that will help them succeed in chasing their dreams, Angel has set her sights on climbing Mount Aconcagua in Argentina in December 2014 with the hopes of not only breaking another world record but garnering the support of her peers to raise $100,000 for Children International.


Pushing The Limits

September 2014

  • Alcatraz Swim with the Centurions 1.25 miles
  • Rim to Rim Grand Canyon South Rim to North Rim
  • Mt Dana More information soon!
  • Mt Whitney More information soon!

August 2014

  • Santa Cruz Rough Water Mile 1st Place, 11-12 years old
  • Tour de Peninsula 56 mile bike ride
  • Bridge to Bridge Swim from Golden Gate Bridge to the Bay Bridge **WWS Record! Youngest Girl, 6 miles**
  • Holstein 100 Challenge 100 Kilometers/65 miles
  • Swim a Mile, Run a Mile
  • Lake Tahoe Mile Sharkfest
  • Water World Swim Monthly Alcatraz

July 2014

  • Swim around the Rock Swim to Alcatraz, around Alcatraz, and back. **WWS Record! Youngest Person, 3.5 miles**

June 2014

  • Touch ’n Go Touch Alcatraz and swim back to San Francisco Aquatic Park. **WWS Record! Youngest Person, 2.5 miles**

May 2014

  • Water World Swim Monthly Alcatraz
  • Orca Alcatraz Challenge 1st place, 13 and under

June 2013

  • Tour de Cure 56 mile bike ride

October 2012

  • Mt Kilimanjaro 10 years old **WWS Record! Youngest Girl**

September 2012

  • Mt Whitney 9 years old

Angel in the News

12-year-old Girl Attempting to Summit Mount Aconcagua for a Great Cause, By Erika Jessop, Examiner, November 7th, 2014

Angel More is a very determined 12-year-old who hopes to become the youngest girl to reach the top of Mount Aconcagua in Argentina in December of 2014. Her drive to accomplish this physical feat is to raise money for Children International’s youth programs that help other kids reach their dreams. Her goal is to raise $100,000 for these children. Read More

San Carlos native Angel More, 12, hopes to become the youngest girl to make it to the top of Mount Aconcagua in Argentina this December while raising $100,000 for Children International’s youth programs. After visiting Children International programs in Guatemala, Angel was inspired by the youth that she met there, and she is determined to help them get the resources they need to achieve their dreams. Read More

Another Day in Cycling Paradise, By Paul Skilbeck, Examiner, August 7th, 2014

The Crystal Springs Regional Trail, located in the Santa Cruz mountain range is one of the jewels in the crown for cyclists among the four San Mateo County Parks visited by theTour De Peninsula, Presented by Whole Foods Market. Sunday, August 3rd, 1350 family-oriented cyclists rode to celebrate and support these parks in the 24th annual running of this event. . . One of the most impressive stories is that of 11 year-old Angel More. Read More 

About Children's International

Journey To The Stars

The Examiner, Thursday, November 27th, 2014

Journey To The Stars:

Climbing Mount Aconcagua - December 2014

Angel's Blog


On the night of 22nd December, Hemant (Angel's dad) got a medical emergency helicopter rescue. The winds have been unusually high this climbing season, temperatures unusually cold, his being the 10th rescue. A window opened up after 27 hours of waiting for the helicopter to safely land and perform the evacuation. 

While climbing, enroute from Casa de Piedras to Plaza Argentina (4200 meters elevation), the strong winds may have begun an infection or HAPE (high altitude pulmonary edema), causing severe he...adache, nausea, cough and weakness. 

Angel did very well on the climb but had to turn back to be with her dad, who is recovering rapidly.


After three beautiful days hiking we arrived to base camp, yesterday!

Today is a rest day and a good occasion to take a shower and go for a short walk. We will divide expedition loads to carry to the next camp; community gear, fuel, food and individual lunches.
We will be carrying loads up to the next camp and returning to sleep below at the previous camp. Carry high and sleep low. The next day they will move to the higher camp. this will allow them to acclimatize better.

After their rest in Base Camp we will do a carry to Camp I, at approximately 16,300'. This is a challenging day where we will gain 2,500 feet with a heavy load, up some easy but sometimes tricky, loose terrain. 



Eight climbers and three guides left Mendoza today. They had a nice and smooth meeting yesterday in the Park Hyatt and then went for a great dinner and some Malbec red wine.

One of the climber of this group is Angel More a 12 year old girl that is climbing Aconcagua with the purpose of raising money to help kids all over the world. This is Angel blog you can read more about Angel and help her to reach her goal

They rode a van to Los Penitentes (2700m), a small place in the heart of the Central Andes, the last bed and hot shower in two weeks for them. They will begin their 3-day hike to base camp tomorrow.

The guides of this expeditions are Rolo Abaca, Matias Sindoni both from Argentina and Beau Carrillo from Seattle. They are very experienced guides. They have participated in numerous expeditions to Aconcagua, Argentina Bolivian and Peruvian Andes and in some expedition to Denali.

The climbers are Richard Johnson, James Blackwood, Jason Jackson, Jeff Ferman, Max Ross, Erin Bohler, Hemant More (angel's father), and of course Angel More.

We will post more news every time they call us by sat phone

The Aventuras Patagonicas Team


We went through a long and very tedious process to get the permit. I had to appear in court in Argentina and convince 5 judges. And also, was checked by the mountaineering physician to get an additional medical certificate.  

None of this would have been possible without the participation of Arturo Erice. Erice is a lawyer and was in charge of accompanying me in the administrative and judicial proceedings to undertake the journey to Aconcagua. 

It was necessary that special authorization is sought, as the laws in force in the province only authorizes over 18 years to undertake the ascent.


Meeting The Team

The Guanacos Valley Traverse Route we are taking is a pristine approach to Aconcagua. The elevation gain between camps is designed to allow more efficient acclimatization. Acclimatization is the key element to summiting this highest peak in the Western Hemisphere. 

We expect to see a large guanaco herd in this valley, a rare sight in the Aconcagua region. This route approaches Aconcagua via the Guanacos Valley and traverses to the summit, then descends via the Normal Route of Aconcagua. It circumnavigates the mountain, explores several valleys, and passes by four spectacular faces of Aconcagua. 

Here is what the guides planned for each day:

Day 01
Group meets in Mendoza, Argentina. Equipment check and afternoon briefing at the hotel.  

Day 02 
Drive West from Mendoza to Penitentes ski area at 8,500 feet. Our drive winds along the Rio Mendoza deep into the heart of the rugged Andes mountains where we begin our acclimatization in Penitentes. 

Day 03 - 05 
Approach to Plaza Guanacos Base Camp, mules carrying our gear. This approximately 35 mile approach is essential to our acclimatization. For the first two days, we follow the same route as Aventuras Patagonicas old Traverse and Polish Glacier Expeditions. The third day begins our new approach. We continue up the Vacas Valley instead of ascending the Relinchos Valley. The chances of seeing other expeditions on this new exciting route is remote. The chance of seeing numerous wildlife is much more probable.  Spectacular glaciers contrasting with a desert backdrop make this approach both surreal and unforgettable. We have an excellent chance of seeing herds of guanacos. 

Day 06 / Dec 21
Plaza Guanaco Base Camp at 13,000 feet. Rest and acclimatization day at Base Camp. The most effective way to summit is to take the time to acclimatize to the low oxygen environment. We will incorporate rest days into our schedule and climb in traditional expedition style. We will be carrying loads up to the next camp and returning to sleep below at the previous camp. The next day we will move to the higher camp

Day 07 
Carry a load to Camp I at approximately 15,200 feet. The route goes up the narrow valley between the North side of Cerro Ameghino and Cerro San Francisco. Here we will be able to see Nieve Penitentes, unique snow and ice formations created by the direct sun. Return to Base Camp.

Day 08 
Leave Base Camp. Move to Camp I.

Day 09 
Carry a load to Camp II at 16,500 feet, a pleasant well-protected area with tremendous views of Cerro Mercedario, Cerro Mano and other Andean giants. Return to Camp I.

Day 10 /Christmas day
Move to Camp II.

Day 11
Carry a load to Camp III, below the Polish Glacier at 17,800 feet.

Day 12 
Move to Camp III. Improvise depending on how group is doing.

Day 13 
Carry to High Camp, Piedras Blancas (White Rocks) at 19,200 feet.

Day 14 
Move to High Camp.

Day 15 - 17 / New Year’s Eve and New Year 2015!!
Summit! Weather permitting. We allow several days for our Summit Day in case of poor weather.

Day 18 
Descend the Normal Route to Plaza de Mulas Base Camp. This will be quite exciting since we will be descending a different side of the mountain

Day 19 
Hike out the Horcones Valley with its impressive views of Aconcagua's South Face. Mules carry our gear. We arrive in the afternoon to Penitentes where we take a quick shower and head on to Mendoza to the comfort of the Mendoza Park Hyatt.




Right now, I am in Argentina! I am doing many things to get ready to begin my adventure on the Andes mountain range. We are trying to get an official permit, since I am an underage climber and can't go unless permitted. To do this, we have go through the "families and minors" court system. Yesterday, I had to convince a judge why she should let me hike up Aconcagua. 

There also is a lot of paperwork needed. In fact, my mom had to drive from San Carlos to Sacramento (a 260 mile round trip) to get my birth certificate apostilled in pouring rain and the strongest storm in CA since 2008! Thank you Mom! :) Mere notarization of the birth certificate is not sufficient. Neither is the fact significant that I presented my passport which lists my birth date.  Therefore, we have to get my birth certificate apostilled. The apostilled document is on the way to Mendoza via UPS extra fast delivery. As I check right now, it has made it to Miami.

We went to dinner with my lawyer and his wife. The food was great and presented awesomely!

I am getting all the remaining gear needed for climbing. The guide did a gear check and said it will be too cold necessitating rental of an additional down jacket. Also, we are renting sleeping bags. 

We are also trying out the local food from Argentina. Yesterday , we went to a winery named Familia Zuccardi, 35 km away from Mendoza and ate delicious food served in 5 courses with wine pairing. I stayed away from the wine. 

To add on we went to a restaurant called "Siete Cocinas" (Seven Kitchens). I had the four course menu while my dad had the seven course menu. The food is from seven parts of Argentina. It was one of the best dinners I have had!

Tomorrow, we are going to thermal springs. They are located 37k outside of Mendoza. It is an spa with warm water from the Andes mountain range. It is rated very high because of the facility and the grand lunch buffet. 

Since Argentina is really into soccer(football), each time they win, a big celebration happens with a lot people and lot of noise. This is truly an adventure!!




Hi, I have been working on getting all the paperwork for Mt Aconcagua done. Since I am underage I need to go court and convince the Argentina Government to let me go up the mountain. They need authorization from my parents, to let me go up Mt Mt Aconcagua with notarization. A resume with all of the events I have swam(in the ocean), the events I have biked and mountains I have hiked. As well, I need my passport copies and the all the copies of the articles I am in. 

Thank you so much for donating and spreading awareness. 


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