Live On Purpose!

By: Taurice Bussey

Human Rights , Believer

Growing up, I was labeled "at risk" in nearly every way possible. My family was poor, my parents were alcoholics and my dad was incarcerated for selling drugs. I lived in a neighborhood filled with racism.

A cycle of self-doubt creeped into my life. My grades were poor, I was obese and I battled depression. Teachers lacked confidence in me. Kids bullied me. I attempted suicide on multiple occasions.

I turned things around for myself in high school and became the person you see before you today -- optomistic, energetic and living with real purpose.  I have started 12 compnies, both for-profit and not-for-profit, and have become a recognized voice for those who can't (or don't) speak for themselves.

It is my firm believe that each and every one of us was born with a purpose…something that God designed for us to give our lives to. The dictionary defines purpose as “the reason for which something exists.” -- I have modified that slightly as “the reason for which someone exists.”

“It’s in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for. Long before we first heard of Christ,…he had his eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living, part of the overall purpose he is working out in everything and everyone.” Ephesians 1:11 (Msg)

I am most passionate about empowering people to chase their dreams. It doesn’t matter what their circumstances are (financially, education, age, etc.), success and fulfillment is a possibility for each and every one of us!

I suppose that the underlying problem here is that people tend to believe that greatness and success is reserved for an “exclusive, elite” group of people who possess qualities that they were somehow born with, while others were not – so that’s what I’m looking to solve – the mindsets of people who want more in life, but have allowed others to tell them that their dreams weren’t possible…the problem of self-doubt and fear of taking control of our own lives.

I want to be known as the guy that fought restlessly for the underserved – whatever that means at the time. I want to be the guy who is always fighting for the rights and the equality of “the least of these” and serving as the voice of those who can’t or don’t speak for themselves. I want to be “the voice of the people.” Ultimately, I suppose I want to be the guy who made sure everyone was always adequately represented…the guy who fought for the rights of those who are often overlooked…the guy who changed the world, or at least sparked a new revolution. It’s a lofty goal, I know, but I am firm believer that when passion meets purpose, anything and everything is possible!

By walking in this purpose, we find true success and fulfillment in life. One of the tools I use to help people figure out what their purpose may be is to identify what their passions are…essentially I ask them, “What is the one thing, that if money weren’t an option, you would commit your life to doing? What would you be willing to die for?”

Once we begin to answer these questions, we begin to find THAT thing that truly makes someone’s heart beat a little faster. I have found that it is this process that makes MY heart beat faster!

Helping other people identify their passions and purpose, and live their fullest lives, is the work that I can so passionately give myself to that I don’t mind staying up all night to work on it, and then turn right back around and wake up early in the morning and do it all over again!

In fact, I am so passionate about this work, that when I initially started my career as a speaker, I was not only doing speaking engagements for free, but I was coming out of my own pocket to cover the associated costs for me to speak (travel, food, video production, etc.) So “Passionately pushing you to Live On Purpose!” is essentially my mission statement…it signifies that my purpose in life, my truest passion, is to help others find theirs.


  • Despite battling with depression growing up, Taurice learned to love himself, and remained dedicated to helping other people, both as an aspiring doctor, and as a motivator! In pursuing his dreams, Taurice joined a student-led health organization in high school, of which he was eventually elected as SC President and selected to serve as the National Spokesperson. In this role, Taurice traveled all over the country speaking at schools and conferences, and facilitating leadership and team-building training for businesses and hospitals, which jumpstarted his career as a Motivational Speaker and Business Consultant when he left the organization.



Dec. 6, 2015

In terms of audience, I’ve been successful in reaching 100s of thousands with my message, and while I would certainly like to think that each of them was forever changed by my words, the reality is that for some of them, it went in one ear, and out of the other.


However, the beauty is that for some of those that fully grasped hold of what I said, they themselves have gone on to inspire and impact others! This truly is a movement!

In terms of those who have come forward to express how my work has helped them, many schools and teachers have told me that their students still talked about me for weeks after I came to visit. In fact, every school I’ve had the privilege of speaking to has told me they’ve never had a speaker like me before, that has been able to keep their entire student body quiet and engaged, and have them walking in such confidence once it’s over. I count this a true honor.

In addition, I have been Blessed to personally witness some of the youth I’ve worked with go on to pursue their dreams, be that in going to college to get a degree and pursue a career they never thought possible, or even venturing out to start their own businesses. Perhaps nothing makes my heart smile bigger. Of course, many of the organizations I am involved with have quantified data on their websites. As a rule, I try to not pay much attention to what is said about me in the press, because I do not want to become motivated by that in any way.


Nov. 18, 2015

Being labeled “at risk” meant that I naturally had a lot of barriers to success that other children did not have. This has proved an integral part of my journey, because simply overcoming those natural obstacles and others not only established me as a success, but allowed me to taste it, and know that I wanted to experience it on an even greater level. Today, the challenges I’ve had to face in life motivate me to continue to push through those challenges that still present themselves to me, and to persevere so that I can prove to people who grew/grow up in similar circumstances that absolutely NOTHING can stop you from achieving whatever you set your heart and mind to! This is the basis of much of the work I do as a “social” entrepreneur – encouraging others to go after their dreams despite what their circumstances look like.


Nov. 18, 2015

I am the founder of 12 companies and nonprofits -- all of which continue to operate successfully today! 

The truth is, the circumstances to start a new business or movement will never be perfect, or even “just right” – you just have to get out there and do it! Start now! Be as prepared as possible, but don’t be so focused on perfection and trying to be so prepared that you keep pushing it off, and next thing you know, 10 years have gone by, and you still haven’t done it.

I’ve seen that entirely too many times in my short life. Also, PLEASE get this – you CAN change the world! I know that whatever it is that you’re ready to embark on seems entirely too big for you, and you don’t feel like you’re qualified to do it, but that’s exactly what this moment is supposed to feel like!

If you didn’t feel that, that would mean that you weren’t thinking big enough! Here’s the thing – the world needs you! We need you desperately…we need your passion, we need your drive, we need your heart. We need everything that you bring to the table. If you don’t embark on this journey to start a movement, then who will?

If you don’t start that Youth Advisory Council or that Youth Advocacy Club in your city, then who will? Listen, there will be challenges along the road, but don’t you ever give up! If you’re passionate about it, and you’re doing it because you want to make other people’s lives better, then you were born to do it!

Get out there and tell your story, MAKE them listen to you! You have a voice, and you have every right to use it! When they see you, and how hard you’re working to make the world a better place, when they hear the passion and conviction in your voice, they’ll be convicted to make a change themselves. They’ll want to join your movement. So yes, get a mentor, start putting a plan in place, start getting yourself prepared, but please, don’t wait…we need you RIGHT NOW! The future – OUR future – depends on it! I believe in you, and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish! I’m always here for you if you need anything!

Get a mentor!! In fact, get a TEAM OF MENTORS!!! Look especially for people who have already been successful at doing what it is that you want to do! I know that a lot of times, we are intimidated by these people, but those of us that have experienced success in our industries are actually WAITING for someone like you to ask us to teach you what we know! We want to see you be successful as well! Invite that Senator or business owner out for a hotdog! S/he will find a way to sit down with you and will take you under their wing! If that particular person doesn’t, look for the next one that will! Mentors are incredibly valuable because they’ve already tried a lot of what you’re thinking about trying, and they can tell you what will and won’t work! Who better to lead you through a new endeavor than someone who has already conquered it?!


Nov. 18, 2015

Now of course, every business owner and entrepreneur experiences failure as a part of success, and not every business I’ve attempted to start, either myself or by helping someone else, has been successful. There have been a few that just absolutely did not work. Part of that was that the person starting the company was not always the right person to run that type of company.

I made a lot of mistakes early in my career by being too excited about the startup process that I neglected to truly analyze if the person looking to start a company was a good fit for that particular industry, or if they needed to look into another area. I’ve even done this with myself.

Experience, though incredibly tough and stern, is an amazing teacher; now, when I look into starting new businesses, and when I look to help friends or clients start businesses, there are instances where I have to be brutally honest and say that we may be able to get this business of the ground, but we won’t be able to sustain it (with you in leadership). Of the companies that have been successful, some of them are mine, and are still in my portfolio of businesses, some of them have since been sold, and some of them were never mine to begin with. When I first got into entrepreneurship, a lot of the people around me got excited and wanted to pursue entrepreneurship as well, and I was more than glad to help them do so!

Failures and bumps are a part of the journey, and critically important building blocks for success.

I would challenge everyone to change their mindset toward “failure”…it’s not that you’ve been defeated, it’s simply that you’ve successfully eliminated an option that won’t work, which means that you’re that much closer to finding what will work!

Also, there is so much to be learned in failure, in fact, I would even go as far as to say that I’ve learned more in my failures than I have in my successes, because they have taught me invaluable lessons about myself that I would not have learned otherwise. A lot of people think that it is success that defines entrepreneurs, but I tend to disagree…I say that failure defines entrepreneurs, for that is where the true spirit or entrepreneurship is born…that relentless, almost crazy dedication to accomplish something and not accept no as an answer. So the lesson in that, is embrace failure. Look for the lesson in it.

I’ve also learned that just because something “works,” it doesn’t mean that it will work for you! Each of us is unique in our process, our passions, our strengths, etc. and that means that there is never really a cookie-cutter, one size fits all approach to anything in life. Just because a certain process works for one person, or they were able to be successful in a certain business, doesn’t mean that you will experience the same results if you do exactly what they did.

Now don’t get me wrong, look and learn! Evaluate what other people are doing and see if it can work for you, but also evaluate it in regards to your own personality to see if it’s something that you can really make work before you waste time and energy on it. Prime example: I came across an amazing business idea, and realized that Greenville had a huge market for this particular type of business, so I decided to buy it and bring it to the area.

Even though I’m a “serial entrepreneur” and consult other businesses, I couldn’t get this particular business to work. That’s because I was doing it for the wrong reasons. There was not a single part of that businesses that I was even the least bit interested in, but I got so caught up in the profit margin that I ignored my gut feeling and wasted a lot of money, energy, and most unfortunately, time, trying to make something work that simply wasn’t right for me.

Do something because it’s in your heart, do something because there is some part of it that you can identify with and will motivate you to work hard. Trust your gut! We all have intuition, and a lot of business leaders don’t like to talk about how much they allow it to influence their decisions, but the reality is, that serves as a personal filter for us. If your gut says no, then you need to say no! Also, don’t ever think that you know enough!


Nov. 18, 2015

  • Birthday: December 28, 1994 (Capricorn!)
  • Height: 5’ 7”
  • Weight: Totally irrelevant! Lol
  • Favorite Color: Maroon
  • Favorite Sport: Football!!
  • Favorite Teams: NE Patriots (Prof. Football) & USC Gamecocks (College Football); Duke Blue Devils (College Basketball)
  • Favorite Food: Fresh fruit!
  • Favorite Drink(s): Water, All sorts of hot tea!
  • Favorite Movie: Eat, Pray, Love
  • Favorite Song(s): We are Victorious! (Donnie McClurkin), Champion! (Darwin Hobbs), Where is the Love? (Black Eyed Peas)
  • Favorite (Chain) Restaurant: Zaxby’s!! (Chick-fil-A is a close second! Sorry you don’t have these in Cali…I do love In-N-Out though!)
  • Favorite Flowers: Tulips
  • One (material) thing I can’t live without: My iPod! Music is life!
  • Anything else you want to know, just ask!

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