Issue:Human Rights

Live On Purpose!

By: Taurice Bussey

Growing up I was labeled "at risk." My parents were poor, battled alcoholism, faced jail time. I was an obese, suicidal kid, with no future. I changed my paradigm and now travel the world teaching others how to live with purpose and success!

Issue:Information Access


By: Daniella Cohen

Go.Innovate.Volunteer.Educate (G.I.V.E.) is a project with two main goals: to promote cultural understanding among students and to strengthen the education at our partner schools in India, Uganda and Rwanda.


The Inspiring Project

By: Chase Marvil

The Inspiring Project is a suicide prevention tool that uses the promotion of acceptance through social media to build self-esteem!

Issue:Information Access

Instruments For Change

By: David Zhao

With little emphasis, interest, or funding for music departments across the USA, Instruments For Change strives to spread awareness about the importance of music education.

Issue:Information Access

Rhino Press

By: Jessica Jin

I founded Rhino Press, Houston's largest interscholastic news organization with 17,000 student readers, to revolutionize the way students can use technology and have a voice. Help us grow our student network to a global news source for all youth!



By: Anneke DiPietro

Online bullying is widespread because any stupid, angry person can reach thousands of people with very little effort. But with my solution, XIRKL, users will only see messages and posts from people they know and trust.


Green Kids Now

By: Pavan Gowda

Over the past few centuries, industrialization and irresponsible use of new technologies have damaged our planet. Now, with the correct application of eco-friendly technologies, we can start to improve our worldwide ecosystem for everyone's sake!

Issue:Human Rights


By: Ziad A

We're a youth-led organization committed to redefining stereotypes by promoting acceptance. Our movement was sparked by a 14-year old Muslim boy in 2013 and has grown to include hundreds of high school students who want to defeat hate! JOIN US!

Issue:Information Access

Follow Your Dreams

By: Adrian + Julian Woodrow

When it's such a critical tool for learning and engagement, why has access to music education been cut? Over 40 weeks and across 10,000 miles we'll perform 275 concerts for 100,000+ students to raise awareness for the importance of music education.

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